I thought I would leave a quick review as I was very pleased with the excellent treatment provided.

It was recommended to me by a friend that I contact Peter and I’m very glad I did. Peter immediately identified the problem, gave me an adjustment followed by some soft tissue treatment. The next day my pain had decreased dramatically and within the next few days I was pain free.

Very professional and friendly. Many thanks.

Mr S Barton of Willenhall

With four weeks to go before going on holiday, which included travel by train, boat and plane, I developed severe back pain and could hardly walk or move.

I visited my GP who diagnosed a trapped nerve. She suggested I see an osteopath. Peter was recommended to me by a family member.

After four visits Peter had me fully mobile and pain free. He was always on time, courteous, thorough and professional.

Thanks to Peter we enjoyed a wonderful holiday and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Mr David Thomas of Wolverhampton

Following an operation on my shoulder normal Physiotherapy was having no effect. I was asked to try a new treatment which I agreed to and believe this has greatly improved the movement in my shoulder (Niel-Asher Technique – NAT). The results have been far better than anticipated. I would recommend people to try it.

Mrs B Mayo of Burntwood

Having been treated successfully in the past for a different problem, I had no hesitation in returning myself again. My initial assessment was in depth, treatment given and instruction on how to manage the condition between visits. The outcome is what could have been a problem affecting lifestyle is now manageable. Peter Noon is knowledgeable, professional and offers a first class service.

Mrs Nora Price of Hednesford – Retired Physiotherapist

I have been a patient of Peter’s for over 10 years. I have had a number of back problems and have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis a form of spinal arthritis. I see Peter on a 6 weekly basis and it has meant that I experience almost no pain at all. Previously I was in a lot of pain and was unable to get a decent night’s sleep due to the pain and discomfort. I would have no hesitation recommending Peter.

Dr Rick Norris of Brewood

I first went to see Peter Noon shortly after he qualified. I had been to several osteopaths before but can honestly say no other osteopath can compare to Peter for his care and treatment.

It’s over 21 years since I first went for a consultation and I now live 120 miles away and still travel to him as he is such an excellent osteopath. I have recommended lots of friends and family to him over the years who have all felt the same about the care he gives to his patients.

I think Cannock is very lucky to have such a highly qualified practitioner and I hope that I can still travel to see him for many years.

Mrs A C of Thornton Cleveleys

Learning how to integrate back pain with everyday life is daunting. I called in to see Peter Noon at Cannock Osteopaths. He helped me to gain control of my situation.

It is still there in varying degrees but I have ways of dealing with it now, one way is through the treatment. Life is a little brighter again.

Ms S.P. of Cannock

Just a little letter to say how pleased I am after attending your clinic.

My wife and brother went to see you when you were in Lower Road, Hednesford. He had a very bad back which you worked on for about 4 weeks and made better. Then there was my wife with shoulder trouble, and the same there, you worked hard on her and she gained relief.

And my trouble, I could hardly walk before visiting your clinic in Cannock. The first week I attended on two sticks. You worked hard on me. The second week on one stick, and the third week no sticks at all.

I can’t thank you enough Peter for all you have done for us.

Mr A Gale of Heath Hayes

Some years ago I sustained what I thought to be a simple injury to my lower back, by lifting an object a little awkwardly. Thinking not much of it at the time I carried on as normal.

It wasn’t long however before I started getting serious pain that affected me physically and mentally. I was going downhill rapidly and was confined to bed with pain killers by the doctor. This approach proved to be unhelpful. Surgery was not an option as I had a heart problem. We were due to be going away in a few weeks for a break, but it was out of the question. Then out of the blue we were told that we had a qualified Osteopath near to us with a reputation for very good results.

After describing the state that I was in  I was seen immediately, my problem was assessed and treated as needed. Peter Noon is his name, he saved my life and my sanity that first time that I saw him. He had me mobile again in a few days, and we did go away as planned.

I still see Peter now and then, he keeps me going, not in a wheelchair, but walking. He has worked very hard with something that comes natural with him, completely dedicated to curing people with the problems that he deals with.

I can personally and honestly swear by what he has achieved with myself and others.

Mr L Titley of Cannock

Having had back problems for a length of time I was forced to take a long time off work. I eventually had an M.R.I. and was diagnosed with an inoperable disc problem.

Needing to get back some quality of life I decided to try an Osteopath as the Doctor could only offer tablets for pain relief. When I first visited Peter Noon I was still unable to work, could not drive and had difficulty in walking as a disc was resting on a nerve and I practically lost the use of my right leg. I started having treatment on a weekly basis gradually walking better, driving and returning to work full time.

I now return approximately once every 6 months for an MOT which enables me to lead a reasonably normal life.

S Pritchard of Cannock

I have suffered with a degenerative low back disc condition for 25 years. About 10 years ago my Hospital Consultant told me that there was nothing that could be done for the condition and that it would only get worse. He talked about wheelchairs! Dreadful news as I worked full time in a demanding job.

This news followed a prolonged series of ineffective treatments at the hospital that included acupuncture, physiotherapy, heat treatment etc….  His only offer at this stage was a spinal block.

I declined this as I was concerned about the side effects, and was therefore discharged.

My Osteopathy treatments with Peter Noon soon had me mobile and out of pain within weeks, standing up straighter and feeling well. I have been, “in remission” from the pain for the past 10 years with only a few relapses. My treatment session every six weeks keeps me in good shape.

I highly recommend his services.

Sue C of Cannock

I went to see Peter with acute back pain. Following an initial consultation and several follow up sessions he has cured my back problem. He gave advice on posture and exercises which have worked and now I have no back pain!!! I would recommend Peter to anyone, he is very knowledgeable and professional.

Mr G Owen of Gratwich

I am writing to let you know that as a result of the treatment I received at your clinic and your recommendations I have now been accepted into the army.  Before receiving treatment at your clinic I was suffering from back and neck pains and had suspected Raynauds disease in my hands. The symptoms have now disappeared and I have been given a clean bill of health. Without your treatment I would not have been able to take advantage of this opportunity of a new career in the army.

Mr J B of Cannock